Driving a big, impressive truck around that is used for towing your customers out of snow banks and ditches seems like a pretty exciting job. It certainly wouldn’t get boring and you’d get to meet an array of people to hear their stories. There would also be some difficult parts such as hauling away wreckage after bad accidents or figuring out how to get your crane attached to a car on top of a narrow bridge, but every job has its challenges. If being a tow truck driver looks like a career path you’d like to follow, there are things you should consider…Browse this site listing about wrecker service austin

  • Drivers’ license: To operate any vehicle, an individual will need their motor vehicle operating license. Depending on the state and size of the vehicle, the person may also need a commercial drivers’ license, known as a CDL.
  • Take exams: In order to earn the appropriate certifications, a person will need to pass examinations to show that he or she is capable of maneuvering the large vehicle and operating the crane mechanism. Someone who is not trained in this area could cause more damage to a customer’s vehicle.
  • If it’s your business: If you plan to purchase your own rig and run your own towing company, you will need to get a business license. You’ll need to keep records of all service calls, receipts associated with your operation and will have to pay taxes. It’s highly likely that you’ll need to advertise to draw customers and employ an accountant to help you with your books. You’ll need a lawyer so that you can separate your personal finances from your towing biz. If this legal separation isn’t done, an accident that occurred while helping a customer could result in a lawsuit and loss of your personal assets. This legal division could be setting up a corporation, a partnership or a trust for your company’s financials.
  • If your work for someone else: There are pros and cons of being the boss vs. being an employee. When you’re the boss and own your own truck, the buck will stop with you. That means you’ll be responsible for getting customers, paying all your bills, servicing your vehicle and paying taxes. You’ll also get to run the show and make your own rules of the road. When you’re an employee, your hours and salary will be at the whim of your employer, but it will be lots less responsibility and paperwork.

If a person is interested in a job that helps people, isn’t boring, makes decent money and gives one the opportunity to drive a cool truck aroundFree Reprint Articles, towing might be the best fit in terms of employment. It would be wise to scan the want ads in your region to see if there’s a need for these workers.